Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Friends Review

                                                      "You are my friends, My Last Friends"

Hey there follower it's been awhile since I added a page. It's not recently that I have stumbled upon this drama called Last Friends...I was viewing Ueno Juri (which by the way belongs to my Top Actress/who I want to be list) on Youtube and this tiny thumbnail said Ruka and sosuke fight scene...I told myself gotta watch this...I did and I found this bi-atch awesome!

 I'm afraid I can't give this drama the justice it deserves through my review, but I'd like to give it kudos for it's courage and for showing what human drama really is.

This drama belongs to my all time best list.The story resided in a share house and its five boarders.  First is the main character (I find this doubtful, acting wise) Michiru, who suffers from a broken home and a happy-go-lucky mother. Trying to escape what once was her life, she lived with her boyfriend Sosuke knowing that this person was her refuge. The perfect Love story, right? -NO! Sosuke wasn't a prince but a thug in a prince's uniform who only treats women as if they are dogs you can name and pet whenever he wants. Second, is Ruka a professional "female" motorcrosser and Michiru's highschool bestfriend. I'm not going to spoil you guys with all the bits and pieces but I'll just give you the gist of it. Ruka is in love with Michiru but doesn't know how to tell her, instead she let's her actions speak for itself by taking care of her when Michiru escaped from the wrath of the "Sousuke Monster".Third, is my personal Favorite (besides Ruka) is Takeru, for me he is the perfect guy/boyfriend/husband/bestfriend/hero/knight-in-shining-armor/hair-dresser person. He has a past he can't share with his friends but somehow it did not affect his friendship skills. What I liked about him is his love (spoiler alert!) towards Ruka.
 The rest of the casts are Eri and Ogurin...this two love-hate couple aren't really sure how there relationship is going, Ogurin is married to his cheating wife and Eri is so frustrated on how Ogurin can't even handle his wife and his feelings towards Eri.

Ueno juri bagged the best supporting actress as Ruka and this drama made #1 on the ratings in Japan.
This drama will touch and break your heart. A drama that is unique and real at the same time. A total recommend.

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