Monday, August 15, 2011

IS ~Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei~ review

 IS ~Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei~ is a drama starring Fukuda Saki as Hoshino Haru and Gouriki Ayame as Miwako. Haru belonged to the thousand of the IS or intersexual population.( Intersexual- a term referring to people who cannot clearly be classified as male or female, and who may biologically possess characteristics of both sexes) Her love for patisserie made her transfer to a school where in she is opted to wear a female's uniform despite her reasoning that she wore a boy's uniform in her past school. Registered as female she had no choice. She met Miwako the first time she step foot on her new school grounds. They clicked the first time and became friends. 

I adore the shear bravery of this drama. It touched an issue no writer dared to write and I find it very very admirable.  The idea of being in the between when it comes to gender identity because genetically they had no choice made me understand more what the people who are IS endure in life. It is a tough world to live in when its only standard is perfection. It regulates a world where media decides what to become. Fear is always a factor for stepping up to what you believe in especially when you can predict the outcome of our freedom of expression. 

This is the first time I saw a drama with Fukuda Saki, and from the looks of it I sense an award for portraying the role with conviction and consistency. Kudos also to the Hoshino family in the drama for accepting their child no matter what the gender their child might be. I'm on episode 4 right now and it keeps getting better and better by the minute. Amazing drama. Here are some clips of the drama c/o avanpiper the uploader of this vid on Youtube.

A total recommend!

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