Monday, January 31, 2011

Chivalry is dead ...and so is Feminism

Chivalry and Feminism are two contradicting ideas when you look back to its origin. But somehow these two ideas are what we consider in the animal kingdom "endangered". They will soon cease to exist as we know it.

We consider King Arthur's time the golden age of knighthood. Thus, the term chivalry came to be. It is where a knight or a sir is an object of every lass's affection, every "damsel in distress's" rescue and every squires role model. What is a man's role in a household, in a workplace and in a relationship?
Feminism, what is it? it is political, emotional and social stand point about the equality of sexes. In the late 80's and early 90's women are starting to acquire and finally immerse in a man's world. Women are starting to break boundaries and are starting to burn their bras as a symbol for equality among men and women. Before feminism erupted women and suffrage c can never be used in one sentence. And since feminism came to be women are now taking their stand and finding their place in this world. What is a woman's role in a household, a workplace and in a relationship?
Looking back at this two ideas, do you think they exist now? A comedian once said that chivalry is dead... and women killed it. Do feminists intimidate the men? Of course it is not feminism, for a feminist would never ask a man a favor if life depended on it. She would do it herself. The answer is women still live in the past. They still view men as knights. Even though feminism is existing they are still women who expect chivalry. The problem is men don't want to live in the past anymore. They want to be bachelors and live their lives one women at a time. So the verdict of killing these two powerful ideas are in fact men and women. They totally converted the world into Confusionism (pardon the pun).

Still don't get my point?

Okay, here is why feminism is dead: (are based on my observation)
1. Women let the guys carry their ultra tiny bags ( it shows weakness)
2.They wear clothes that are made to open the senses of the male genome not only that they dress the same and I mean starwars clones the same.( last week I just saw three women having the same checkered shirt and the same hairstyle)
3. They have a diet of a grain of rice and depend on water for balance
4. When they asked what's new? they answer fashion, celebrities and they argue between tampons or napkins.
5.They give birth to a dozen babies for the sake of preventing a man from leaving them...or is it because they don't use protection anymore.
6. Women prefer a man's opinion over theirs. and lastly
7.They consider women celebrities goddess's when they are in face man stealing eagles!

Men, do you think your safe? I made some observations too
1. You let yourselves carry a woman's handbag (have you no pride?)
2. You let the woman pay the restaurant bills (who is wearing the pants in this relationship?)
3. You don't know the difference between friendship and girlfriendship
4. You get intimidated easily ( self absorbed much)
5. You say one thing and do another-lies, lies, lies
6. You yell at a woman in front of everyone to show authority

Okay, if you think I'm generalizing all women and men...of course their are exceptions. But, don't you fear this? Women are now depending so much in men and men don't want women to depend on them anymore. What is really our role as people? Mutual or the other way around. What is the solution? I do have an answer but, you can or cannot consider it. All we have to do is depend in ourselves and expect good to spread out of your good intentions. Chivalry and feminism may be at a loss right now. But, soon they will not exist anymore- but, I think It could be for the better. For I hope men and women will understand each other now and we don't need labels to dictate who we are.

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