Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blogger Virgin an Introduction to Self

Well it's my first blogging experience ever and I know most of you guys have written the same first line as I did. Well, as I searched through the word membranes in my head, the words I found were-excited, anxious, clueless and the colors I feel now is black and white.As the title of my first blog indicated I would love to introduce myself...well not all of it but parts of myself.

I study advertising, I love the art part of it and I love knowing the fact that I could touch people's lives using the skills I've learned in it. Being in my 20's, I haven't seen yet the bigger picture in my life. I love movies about love, friendship, pursuits, action, innocence and fantasy. Reading novels is what I find pleasure in doing when I can't sleep- Sleeping sometimes can be tough when you do a lot of thinking. I live in SE Asia...okay Philippines...Love it here! 

Being a Blogger Virgin I don't know what the dynamics or what to expect really. I think I would be speaking my mind about things a lot, Giving my opinions about the things I've watched and the things I've read. I think the beauty of blogging based on what I've heard about it is you get to deliver facts and opinions about things and finally finding a space on this complex world called the internet...well bye bye for now...Hopefully I can make this work.

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